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Pride came before the fall. Three scientists are the last human beings on earth. 80 metres underground they work for the survival of our species. But something is wrong with one of them...


The biggest drama is the relationship between humans - also in VR. ADA/M is an innovative series format bringing emotionally immersive VR content to a mainstream audience. Set in a claustrophobic dystopia this "intimate play" for VR combines the strengths of proven concepts of drama, the addictive narrative of TV soaps and the new dramaturgic possibilities of VR. ADA/M is built on the viewer's role within a fictional universe and empowers the "participant" to effect the characters within - like in real life. The pilot is going to hit the app stores soon.

In March 2016 the concept for 360 pilot for ADA/M won a Content Award Vienna.

Watch the linear promo trailer here:



Box Theatre

A space & mind bending piece of object theatre featuring body mapping and visual interaction. Directed by Petra Freimund with Gruppe Krokodil.


Totem's sound

AR App companion to the corrspondent adventure game, Ethnological Museum Berlin. Created by Reinhold Bidner with gold extra.



A 360 degree performance piece experimenting with camera parallaxes and projection mapping. Directed by Petra Freimund with Paradox Smugglers.



A massively multiplayer social experience in a virtual space. Players could write and experience their own life story as emotion responsive 2d paper avatars in a freely navigable 3d environment. Papermint's custom built 3d engine provided the perfect interactive backdrop for music videos and fashion shows within the colourful, stylised virtual world. Papermint was nominated "Digital Cultural Heritage Site" in 2015. Award winning art direction by Barbara Lippe.


Mixed Reality goes viral

The Papermint creative team's take on social media and MR. By putting a Papermint character into one of the most shared Youtube videos of 2006 they turned the scene's narrative upside down. 3d animation by Tom Stockinger.